Rail depot environments demand efficiency and flexibility in order to meet the varied regimes for train maintenance and the specific needs of casualty repairs. The introduction of new, technologically advanced trains on the London Underground has resulted in the need for more sophisticated engineering equipment, in addition to large-scale depot building upgrades.

With over 6 years dedicated to the introduction of the S-Stock train at Neasden, Ealing Common and Upminster depots, T.E.L. is a specialist in this field.

Our experience inspires the development of innovative and efficient engineering solutions that give particular regard to train, facility and operational constraints. T.E.L. maintains a sharp focus upon the integration of all equipment and facility aspects within the operational environment, ensuring that all train maintenance features function in harmony.


Our engineers determine system requirements and relevant constraints, prepare drawings to clarify areas of coordination and provide guidance towards preferred solutions. This information can be packaged into an Equipment Engineering Specification designed to act as a procurement document for competitive tender.

We can also advise upon sourcing strategy, carry out analysis of tender returns and then go on to drive and direct a project through to completion. We can even offer practical advice on long term maintenance strategies.


Our integrated approach can include:

  • Facility layouts, space management and design coordination
  • Development of depot Operational Concepts
  • Management of train movements and task sequencing
  • Task analysis derived from detail investigation of maintenance activities
  • Human Factors and ergonomics integration
  • Continuous improvement and lean processing
  • Maintenance task standardisation
  • Product introduction and familiarisation training


We can deliver solutions to:

  • Access and working at height
  • Lifting, load handling and load manipulation
  • Train component to special tool interfaces
  • Fluids filling and handling
  • Cleaning and contamination containment
  • Depot equipment concept solutions and product specifications
  • Safe systems of work and safety improvements
  • Commissioning

Our offices are equipped with all the information technology resources required in our line of business and we are always prepared to invest in additional equipment to improve our service to the client. We operate in Microsoft PC environments with flexible file exchange and work sharing capabilities. We also sustain our own AutoCAD drawing facilities with in-house paper output capability up to A0.

Specialist Support

  • In Addition to our own direct in-house engineering expertise, we maintain close links with other businesses that can provide more specialist experience to suit particular client requirements. Our Relationship with these businesses enables us to offer these specialist functions as part of a seamless package.

Equipment Compliance Assurance

  • Ergonomic reviews of the human interfaces and organisational/process changes
  • Human Factors (HF) compliance deliverables against standards
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) compliance reviews, in liaison with appropriate authorities
  • Safety assurance, including changes to existing business safety cases
  • Assurance of compliance with statutory requirements and relevant regulations

Hazid & Hazop Reviews

  • Hazid or Hazop meeting chair role and issue of meeting minute
  • Production of Hazard Log and Management of Hazard Log close-out processes

Project Management

  • Engineering support to procurement activities
  • Supplier liaison and programme management
  • Manage project delivery and handover
  • Formal testing such as FAT & SAT
  • Large drawing plotter
  • Commissioning
  • Management of defect rectification
  • Validation support (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ)
  • Training and documentation


  • Design of facilities, layouts and services
  • Design bespoke equipment
  • Develop specifications, for the purposes of commercial tender
  • Coordinates of multi-discipline project designs


  • Taudevin Engineering has extensive workshop facilities that provide us with the opportunity to experiment with prototype ideas.
  • We have used this to good effect on a number of occasions to develop and test prototype solutions that can subsequently be scaled up for the client.