As a side line to the main thrust of our industrial activities, we are active in the pursuit of our passion for all aspects of transport engineering and in particular, the technical support of our motorcycle racing team.

We believe that racing provides a perfect platform to challenge our engineering expertise, keep us up to date in technical innovation and to showcase our talents and corporate ethos.

Taudevin Engineering Limited is a proud sponsor of James Henry Racing



Name: James Henry

Nationality: British

D.O.B: 07.08.84

Favourite Circuit: Cadwell Park

Hometown: Castle Donnington

Racing History

British Level

2015 – British Supersport 600 (Evo)

2014 – British Supersport 600 (Evo)

2013 – National Superstock 1000

2012 – National Superstock 1000

2011 – National Superstock 1000

Club Racing

2010 – Thundersport 600, until August (Injury)

2009 – Thundersport 600

2008 – Derby Phoenix


At T.E.L we enjoy looking at different mathematical problems and finding ways to solve them, please see below different ones that we have enjoyed doing.

Performance Prediction

Simple Spreadsheets are available, on application, for the prediction of Running or Cycling Times, for a new distance, based on past performance over some other distance.

The prediction is based on the observation that when plotted on a suitable graph, World Records form a straight line.

Generating and Counting Pandiagonal ‘Magic’ Squares

A number square is an array of numbers in which the rows columns and diagonals all add up to the same total.

It has been observed that so called ‘Magic Squares’ may be written down without any mathematical knowledge.  Spreadsheets will even do all the adding up for you!  Below is an example.


Additional Resources

For spreadsheets, or more information email: