Where possible, we are keen to form alliances directly with our clients, but we are also happy to flex our agreements to suit the client’s business and we appreciate that many larger businesses strive to minimise their sub-contract portfolio for sound commercial reasons.

Taudevin Engineering is often contracted to larger clients through agencies.




Field Task(s)
Motor Industry · Factory building services design & project management. Bespoke facility design.

· Weld cooling water design feasibility study.

Specialist Plant Supplier · Weld fume extraction design and feasibility study.
Aerospace Industry

· Detailed process engineering work study on new airframe assembly.

· Depot layout support

Rail Industry

· Bespoke train maintenance tooling design and project management.

· Depot layout support


· Packaging and production process relocation and troubleshooting

· Bespoke containment facility design and project management

· Factory building services  & infrastructure projects